Mathey Dearman D177 Rap Around - B01IU8F8V4

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Wrap, 4" x 7' / 102 mm x 2134 mm pipe size 3-26 (76-660) Mathey Dearman Pipe Wrap has double-ruled edge so it is never upside down or backwards. The Wrap can be used as a straight edge to mark straight lines around the pipe and to mark angles for pipe elbows. The Pipe Wrap is constructed of highly abrasion and solvent resistant materials to last under heavy use. Pipe Wrap Includes: •Table of tangents and straight edge •Instructions for cutting elbows •Sides marked in 1/8” (3.2 mm) increments to 36” (914 mm) •Instructions for finding the length of an elbow •45-degree angle chart •Degree markings

Mathey Dearman D177 Rap Around - B01IU8F8V4

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